Based in Shoreditch, Troy Bar opened 20 years ago and soon became the underground scene were new and established Jazz and blues artists came to play. For years a lots of artists such as Erykah Badu and Tony Royster Jr, came and play historical gigs, bringing with them crowds of customers. Today the bar is struggling to compete with the competition and has lost it's identity.

Being a customer for many years and seeing the place emptying year after year, I offered my services to help and give back their lost 
soulful identity.
I have redesigned and developed their new website. After it went live, a new audience started to show, filling the place every night.
Eddie Charles the owner went as far as saying: "In 20 years, it's the busiest I've been. People are queuing every night for hours in front of the bar."

The website won Adobe SOTD in February this year.

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